Bulk URL Opener Tools

Open multiple urls or bulk urls at once in a single click.
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Whenever we open too many links at a time, our browser tends to get slow or more often than not, the browser hangs or freezes or stops responding. This makes the professionals to halt their busy work waiting for the browser to reload or resume the webpage. It gets very frustrating when such things happen repeatedly, especially during the hectic schedules and one can only sit helplessly.

In today’s competition and round-the-clock work schedule atmosphere, there is a perennial need of fast internet browsing in order to increase the productivity. Hence, we cannot get slow when it comes to technology.

Multiple url opener

One of the simplest and most effective solutions to this problem is that we can make use of multiple url opener. This tool gives access to open multiple URL at one time without causing the browser to get slow or freeze. Most of the SEO professionals use this tool because of its ease of use and it doesn’t require any specific training as well.

You have to just click on the icon of Bulk url opener and paste the multiple URL at once which will result in opening of the entire link in separate tabs in just a few seconds. The URL’s will open in separate tabs with a single click of the mouse. The user can either manually input the URL or just copy paste into the tool.


By this method you can open myriads of URLs at a time depending upon the capacity of the computer to open the tabs and the number of browsers. So experts usually suggest to start with 10-15 URL at a time and then increase the number based on the performance of the device and browser. Thus, multiple URL Opener helps to save the time and energy of SEO professionals very efficiently.

How Can You Use Multiple Link Opener

Multiple Link opener is an online tool which has made the job of SEO professional, web developer and web masters much easier. They can open effectively multitude of URLs at a single time with just one click and save their precious time for other tasks.

You have to just enter the URLs of the links in Bulk URL opener tool and then further tap to submit which will result into instant opening of your links. This tool is available for free and can be easily downloaded from application play store. Also, there is no need for any specific training for this.


By pasting the URL in the body of the tool and tapping on ‘Open All URLs button’ the task is achieved. But, you have to paste one URL per line. This technique enables to handle unlimited numbers of URLs depending on the strength of the device and the web browsers which may put a cap on how many links to open at one time.


It is ideal to open 10-15 URLs at a time which is usually suggested by the experts to help the browser handle the task easily and efficiently. The Multiple Link Opener SEO tool is compatible with all web browsers which supports JavaScript. It may not work if the browser is not supported by JavaScript.

Why use URL Opener

An internet user opens multiple tabs at one time which makes the speed of the browser very slow and the computer freezes and eventually the work is halted. This is very frustrating and time consuming for the professionals, especially those who are working on some time-bound important projects. To tackle this problem, the URL opener is very useful to open multiple links at one single time without adding unnecessary burden to the web browser. You can open multiple links at the same time in separate tabs without affecting the performance of your web browser or the device.

How to open multiple links at once

It is very easy to use this tool, if you are feeling worried and might think that it could be difficult to handle. This tool can be easily handled by everyone. For this, the user has to go online and download the multiple link opener tool from Google play store or similar application store; and install this tool on their device. After installation you can copy and paste the URL in the text field of tool and then submit. When you submit, the links open instantly in separate tabs. The links can also be entered manually into the text field of the tool.

Which Browsers are supported

Multiple url opener almost work with all the internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Midori, Mozilla Firefox and many others, making it a universal tool. But there is one condition that the browser should support JavaScript language. You won’t be able to use the tool if the browsers do not support JavaScript or if java language is blocked on the device.

Besides this tool, you can also use web url opener to open multiple URLs by just pasting the links in the text tool and clicking on the “open all” button. This tool works same as multiple url opener.

Also, the use of URL opener makes sure that your site has removed any links to spam or undesired - quality content. It helps the SEO experts to acknowledge the useful links on their website, to weed out bad links and promote the quality ones.

Later, the use of site scraping feature will enable to pull a list of link from a web page which contains only anchor text. Even though the URL opener was not originally created as an SEO tool, it has been used in the field very widely.


The URL opener is now getting revamped to refine its tool to provide a unique broken link checker which can simultaneously show that where this link originates and where they meant to go in conjunction with 10 best SEO. They also have plans to expand the capabilities of this tool to create an XML sitemap generator with ability to save user’s page by page priority and changing the frequency settings.

But, for now, the bulk link opener helps to increase the productivity and discover all the links within a website or a webpage. This advantage has provided a great relief to save precious time and bring more efficiency for the professionals related to this field.